Skin Peels

Peels may seem daunting and somewhat scary, but Dr Malik will tailor her peels to suit each individuals needs; stronger components will only be used if the client’s skin requires it. The beauty of the Pure Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acid peels and New Generation Combination Peels is that they stimulate new cells to encourage healthy exfoliation and re-modelling. This ensures skin has an even tone, colour and texture; that healthy glow we all long for.

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A bespoke repairing exfoliant and lactic acid based peel are used in the course of medi-facials to dissolve and clear blackheads, pigment, dead skin, decrease pore size, exfoliate, calm sensitivity and redness/vein issues. Your skin will be left looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Customised medi-facials can also be used to clear, calm, and clean blemishes, as well as address scarring. If you suffer from similar skin issues, for example on the back and chest, this treatment can be used on the entire body.

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