The Ideal Beauty Routine

The Aesthetic industry constantly bombards women with the very latest miracle product that is branded to be ‘essential’ component to a beauty regime. With the amount of products forced on us, it is no wonder that our

bathrooms are overflowing with expensive and potentially ‘toxic’ products that our skin really does not need. Yes, the word ‘toxic’ does seem rather strong, but if you went through the ingredients list on the back of your favourite anti-wrinkle cream, I am certain that you would be shocked what you found in it.

Checking ingredients in beauty products isn’t something you will find many women doing, but you don’t need to be a medical doctor to do it either. It is no different than checking food in the supermarket to see if it is organic and what’s actually in it. When it comes to skin care, you want to be checking to see if ingredients are beneficial to skin, non irritating and ideally, anti-inflammatory.

Depending on the individual needs of a patient’s skin, I would recommend products from one particular range or, in some cases, a mix. Some product ranges are formulated synergistically, which means you get maximal results from using the products in combination. Other ranges are formulated with ‘stand alone’ products that can then be used with other products from different ranges. I also find that some people can be very attached to certain products, so if one patient has a favourite moisturiser that they don’t want to stop using, I will work with that product to ensure they get an effective skin care regime, by recommending complimentary products.

For me, the ideal beauty routine would start with an effective cleanser, as this is the basis of every good skin care regime. Anti-oxidant serums are a must as they provide ‘food for the skin’ and should be used every morning after cleansing. My favourites contain either vitamin C or niacinamide and I formulated the Skin W1 Collagen Stimulating Serum with niacinamide as well as collagen stimulating actives. The next essential step is a mineral based sunscreen that must be used every day, rain or shine. I recommend an eye cream at night for all my patients aged 30+ and a retinol based night product for those aged 30+.