Looking After Your Skin at Home

  •  Stick to your routine – wake up, wash your face, apply your usual products and don’t forget a mineral based SPF, which is still important even if you are not going outside. Don’t forget that UVA penetrates through glass so you will still be exposed if you are sitting next to a window. Applying an anti-oxidant based serum and a mineral based SPF will also help protect your skin from the potentially harmful effects of blue light from screens and electronic devices.

  • Avoid makeup/foundation – use this time to let your skin breathe.

  • Make sure you still cleanse your skin at night, even if you haven’t worn any makeup or been outside. Aside from being a calming ritual, and maintaining a sense of routine during chaotic times, cleansing skin at night will also prepare your skin for any products you apply to be absorbed better.

  • Get back into at home masks – you probably have more time for these if you are now based at home, so it’s good to pull out those products you usually forget or don’t have time for. I would aim for a hydrating mask once or twice a week and an exfoliating mask once a week at night (depending on how your skin is feeling).  One of my favourite hydrating masks is Cosmedix Rescue Balm, which you can find on my website.


Now that you have a bit more time on your hands, you might also want to try making a simple exfoliating mask at home. This one is very simple and great for brightening. Try it out and see what you think!

Papaya Mask


If you don’t fancy mixing up a mask at home, my favourite papaya enzyme containing exfoliating mask is listed below.


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