Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a sensitive topic that isn’t often spoken about. A lot of people have asked me for help on how to halt hair loss so I thought it would be a good idea to put a few of my top tips in a blog post.

Do a blood test

Hair loss can happen for a number of reasons including certain nutritional and hormonal imbalances. Ask your GP to refer you for a blood test, especially to check for your iron levels and iron stores (ferritin level) as well as your thyroid function, to see if one of these are a possible cause. 

Hair growth cycle

Each hair follicle is independent and goes through the growth cycle at different times so it’s completely normal to shed up to 80 hairs a day for a healthy head of hair. This is called the telogen phase. You may also notice that you lose more hair in summer, this is because it is found that women have slightly higher rates of telogen during the hotter months. 

Nutritional supplements 

You may want to consider supplements to help stimulate hair growth if you are experiencing an unusual amount of hair loss. I would recommend Viviscal as it’s formulated with Biotin and Zinc and the key ingredient - AminoMar, a rich protein compound of marine extracts blended with Vitamin C.

Protein is key 

It’s important to make sure you’re not missing protein in your every day diet. Good sources of protein can be found in fish, quinoa and eggs. For vegans - stock up on your veggies, beans and nuts!

Scalp massages

Scalp massages stimulate the blood circulation and this in turn channels more nutrients to the hair roots. Add a few drops of castor oil and gently massage into your scalp for 10 minutes. Castor oil is known to stimulate hair growth. You can always do the scalp massage when applying shampoo to your hair too.


Hair loss is common and can happen to anyone, for a million different reasons. Stress? Yes, it’s one of them. Try not to keep worrying about it, it will only make things worse. Chances are, nobody but you has noticed anything so focus on and flaunt everything else you love about yourself!