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London hot spots 2017

Dr Rabia Malik on Mon 5 Jun

Living in London definitely has it perks, one of them being that there are so many things to do, places to see and new cafes to try out. I thought I would write a post not only for my readers that live in London but also for my patients visiting from abroad to check out some of my favourite spots in London. They are all West London spots as that’s usually where I am!

Hair Loss

Dr Rabia Malik on Mon 3 Apr

Hair loss can be a sensitive topic that isn’t often spoken about. A lot of people have asked me for help on how to halt hair loss so I thought it would be a good idea to put a few of my top tips in a blog post.


Dr Rabia Malik on Tue 14 Mar

Erratic temperatures, central heating and lower air humidity can all have an effect on our skin, leaving us with a dull and dry complexion. Here are our top tips on how to keep your skin glowing during the change of seasons.

How to get your skin party ready

Rabia on Mon 5 Dec

It’s here. The countdown has begun and those party invitations will soon be dropping through letterbox or pinging into your inbox! Read on for tips on getting your complexion in show-off condition for the fun times ahead…

Cellulite – The causes and the cures

Rabia on Tue 8 Nov

Smooth, dimple-free thighs and buttocks are a rare sight in real life – unless you’re under 18, genetically blessed or have a seriously healthy lifestyle. And even then, there are no guarantees! Patients often ask me for my advice when dealing with the dreaded dimples, so I hope this blog will help you on your way to smoother, shapelier silhouette.

How to Banish Dark Under Eye Circles

Rabia on Mon 3 Oct

There are various factors that can lead to the under eye area looking darker than the rest of your skin. First and foremost, it can be hereditary, so if either of your parents has a darker skin tone under their eyes, you are most likely to as well. But, lack of sleep, allergies and certain deficiencies can also worsen the problem. Here are my ways to help brighten up and lighten up your eyes…

5 summer holiday beauty must-haves

Rabia on Wed 17 Aug

Whether you’re off to sunnier climes or enjoying a relaxing stay-cation, I recommend making space in your beauty bag for products that make you feel as good as they make you look. Here are my top picks for beauty packing this summer…

Top 3 summer body skin spoilers

Dr Rabia on Tue 14 Jun

I don’t want to jinx things, but at the moment, it seems the snow has melted, hailstones have dissipated and we may finally be in for a spell of warm, spring weather! For many of us, the positives of a lovely sunny day may be negated by the thought of baring skin that we’re not quite happy with, so let me help by advising on how to clear up three of the most common skin spoilers…  

Skin Lightening – The Lowdown

on Sat 5 Mar

The desire for having lighter, whiter skin can be traced back through the years and has influenced many nationalities. Japanese as well as Victorian European women (and sometimes men) used arsenic and other poisonous lead based potions to achieve an extremely pale complexion which was seen as a sign of high social class.

Skin Superfoods

Dr. Rabia Malik on Tue 22 Sep

One of the things I like to address in my consultations is how diet affects skin. So many people buy all the latest lotions and potions to put on their faces, but neglect what they put in their mouths. Or worse still, cut out certain food groups altogether, particularly fats. This is totally counterproductive! If you are one of those perpetual ‘dieters’ then read on!

Tips from the expert

Dr. Rabia Malik on Fri 24 Jul

It is officially British summertime, which means it is more important than ever to be aware of solar damage. Daylight protection is important no matter what your skin tone and it should be worn at all times. Remember, when sitting at your office desk, at home, or driving your car, you are still at risk of sun damage.

The Ideal Beauty Routine

Dr Rabia Malik on Tue 22 Jul

Whenever I have a new client, I always ask what is involved in their beauty routine. More often than not, the client will give me a long list of all the different products they use, from cleansers and toners, day and night creams, exfoliants, serums, under eye creams, the list goes on.

How to make your skin ‘glow’

Dr. Rabia Malik on Tue 24 Jun

One of the commonest requests I get from patients in my clinic is about how to get their skin to ‘glow’.  There are many different factors that contribute to a glowing complexion.

Skin Saving Tips for the Holidays

Dr. Rabia Mailk on Tue 24 Jun

Summer is finally here and this is when many of my patients head off on holiday. For many of us, trips abroad mean abandoning our day to day routines and being a little more ‘care-free’.  No work, no daily grind, and often, no inclination to wear makeup or use our regular skincare!

Dr Rabia Malik’s top 5 skincare mistakes to avoid!

Dr. Rabia Malik on Tue 24 Jun

Cleanse your skin properly. That means NO WIPES. Too many of my patients use wipes to cleanse their skin at night without realising that quite a bit of residue is left on the skin…You can use wipes to remove makeup, but to really cleanse your skin properly, you need to use a cleanser with water, especially at night.

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